This scenic outlook is one of the ceremony locations at Paliku Gardens at Kualoa Ranch. Mike Bell performs the ceremony and controls the microphone and music remotely from his handheld device.

Mike Bell

"I've been hand crafting haute couture weddings for couples with Made-to-Measure, bespoke details surrounding every moment since 2001. Using this time of working with nearly 2,000 couples at venues all across the world, my team and I have elevated the experience to provide you with a great base plan, access to our online Planning Portal, our Timeline Templates, Vendors and Creative Partners. Once we have selected those details, we can talk about Party Poppers, and Memorable Moments, to fill in the program. Aesthetics are to taste and budget, and any funded desire is possible. 




Hōʻike ʻia ka hōkū kakahiaka


Event Planner

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Master of Ceremonies


Live Vocalist



Dance the night away and celebrate your reception under the stars with every track hand selected to showcase your personalities by your choice of either an amazing band or amazing DJ. Either has exactly what it takes to create the opportunity for a great dance floor. Mike Bell can perform as DJ, MC  and Host with curated playlists, wireless microphones and a timeline that is planned to never to never miss a beat.

What is a Mike Bell Wedding for 2021-2022?

Let's take a journey together and find out!

Step 1: 


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After deciding which planning base option is right for you, the next part of a Mike Bell Wedding is the Vendors (pipe and drape, linens, etc.) and Creative Partners (Officiant, DJ, Photographer, etc.) 

We stock some rentals and decor, pipe & drape, specialty linens, and other exclusive items. #somethingborrowed

Our MBW Lovebirds Package is our most popular package and includes Officiant, All Day DJ & MC, PA system, Dance Party Lights. It compliments perfectly either Day of Coordination or Partial Planning. 

Step 3: 



A Mike Bell wedding starts with a plan. Anything grand begins with a plan. 


Decide on the level of service. Pick from one of 3 Hawaii Wedding Plan Options: 

HAWAII PARTIAL WEDDING PLANNING - (Also referred to as Full Coordination) While the name might imply MBW is only responsible for a small portion of the work, this is actually our supreme Creme de la Creme, "pamper me" level of luxury service. With this option, we creatively guide the planning of your wedding day details from our initial conversation. 


Together, you and our team + Mike Bell work on everything from your budget allocation, an overall design aesthetic and timeline program management, as a team: together, through phone call or email, our MEMORABLE MOMENTS IDEA SHEET, coupled with your creative input, lending you our experience along the way, and letting you keep the most creative control, able to know you're making a smart decision every time. (WE PLAN TOGETHER)

HAWAII FULL WEDDING PLANNING - This would be our middle tier of service.  Pick from one of our venue specific All Inclusive Hawaii Wedding Plans, where we do all of the hard work, and personalize the experience, based on details you fill out on our MBW ABOUT THE COUPLE form. No need for hours of consultation on how we are folding the napkins, or which shade of pink do you prefer. (MBW PLANS EVERYTHING)

HAWAII DAY OF COORDINATION/DAY PLANNER - This is the essential level of service. You plan the design, aesthetic and timeline + We start organization 6 weeks before the wedding, final wrap up 1 week out and facilitate things on the day of the wedding.  (COUPLE PLANS EVERYTHING, MBW FACILITATES AND MANAGES)

Step 2:

Vendors &

Creative Partners

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In 20 years of performing weddings for couples and their guests from around the world, I've learned everyone takes something unique away from the event experience that they will hold dear to them forever. 

Traditions have become what they are for a reason, and each has its own purpose. 

Integrate classic wedding traditions or start new ones! We further customize the wedding day experience, using our MEMORABLE MOMENTS inspiration worksheet.


Examples of MEMORABLE MOMENTS would be The First Look, Speeches and toasts, The Father & Daughter Dance, etc. 

This gives the event timeline substance and depth without growing your budget. 

Once the essential decisions have been determined, we get to add the icing to really make your wedding luxurious and as unique as you are. Those extra details are what we call MBW PARTY POPPERS! 

The MBW Party Poppers! inspiration page is just the piece de la resistance, helping us finalize the finishing touches.

Ideas range from Silent Disco, appearances from Celebrity entertainers, extraordinary grand entrances such as arriving by helicopter, reception art sculptures and more. 

Step 4: 


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Ask us about:

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